Prepare a course at a tavern of tasty private cuisine near Kawasaki Station

Private room izakaya / chopsticks bar Higashi Kawasaki Station Cinecitta-dori is an attractive shop with a relaxed space with a Japanese-style look. In a relaxed shop where new customers can come to the store with peace of mind, you can enjoy mountain food and seasonal seafood. You can enjoy delicious dishes used and an extensive drink menu.
A store with a private room for 2 people that is ideal for couple seats and a large private room for 16 people that can also be used for banquets is also available, so please try it out.
Features of Chopsticks Bar Higashi Kawasaki Station Cinecitta Street

Please use a private izakaya near Kawasaki Station where delicious food is attractive

Taverns that have received high praise in areas where polite hospitality and energetic customer service are taken care of, such as those who live nearby, those who visit nearby for sightseeing, office workers on the way home from work, etc. Used by customers. The interior of an old Japanese-style house is as if it was separated from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the drinks and dishes offered in a relaxed and relaxing space give you a little bit of everyday busyness and fatigue. However, the shop owner with a certain skill is cooking with all the heart so that it can be softened.
A variety of food menus, such as mountain skewers and meat-filled skewers, can be ordered individually or as a course menu. We have a variety of courses that are ideal for everyday occasions such as banquets and entertainment, so please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a private banquet or a store for girls.

Enjoy a variety of sake at a private pub near Kawasaki Station

In the tavern with a focus on quality space and service, you can enjoy a wide selection of wine and beer along with a delicious food menu. A variety of drinks selected in consideration of the compatibility with the cuisine, as well as a selection of sake, as well as a variety of products to satisfy customers who want to enjoy sake. A wide variety of drinks, such as highballs and sake, are available for all-you-can-drink courses, so you can fully enjoy the sake that matches the mood of the day.
All-you-can-drink that can be ordered together with the course menu can be used for an hour if you make a reservation on the phone or online in advance, so if you are looking for a drinking party or banquet shop feel free Please contact me. We are waiting for you to prepare dishes using plenty of selected ingredients and a space that sticks to the quality of an old private house.

Enjoy delicious dishes at a private pub near Kawasaki Station

At a tavern that is surely popular for its high-class atmosphere and delicious dishes, you can slowly enjoy a special food menu that uses carefully selected ingredients that go well with sake. Yakitori and hot pot dishes made with carefully selected ingredients and seasonal seafood made according to the season are delicious and can be enjoyed as a meal.
The store has a wide variety of dishes such as salads and deep-fried foods, and offers a number of rooms tailored to the needs and number of guests, including private rooms for 2 people and private rooms for over 16 people. Stores with an attractive Japanese-style atmosphere that even first-time visitors can visit with peace of mind are designed with quality in every single room, so you can spend a relaxing time.

Have a great time drinking at the charming private tavern near Kawasaki Station

With a variety of private rooms for small to large groups, the dining bar is a popular place in the region that has earned the trust of customers and offers a variety of drink menus that are ideal for delicious cuisine. The You can enjoy a wide variety of items such as wine and shochu to suit your mood of the day, as well as the classic menu of sake such as cold beer and highball.
All-you-can-drink courses are also available for drinks served in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Please enjoy a selection of alcoholic beverages along with delicious dishes. The reputable tavern with many customers who have become regular customers can also be used as a place for celebrations and joint events, so please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a store in a nearby area.


Enjoy skewers and hot pots at a private pub near Kawasaki Station

Cooking using fresh ingredients has good compatibility with liquor

Private room izakaya, chopsticks Bar Higashi Kawasaki station Cinecitta street store, you can enjoy a variety of drinks that go well with discerning dishes using fresh ingredients. There are many customers who have become repeaters, and many of the gems that the store owner has devised ingenuity.
The interior of the shop with a sense of security is decorated in a Japanese style, so you can spend a relaxing time together with delicious food and alcohol. If you are looking for a izakaya in a nearby area, we welcome you with a sincere hospitality and a cozy space so that even beginners can use it easily.


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