Slowly in a private room

2020/10/02 blog

Hello ~~😄

It's October!

It was hot until recently, but suddenly it became chilly. ..

It's hot in the daytime and if you go out with a T-shirt, it will be a big deal at night.

Today is Hanakin 😊

Have you decided on a drinking schedule? ??

Why don't you have a toast in a private room? ??

We have fresh vegetables and seafood with outstanding freshness.

If you are looking for a private room izakaya, Kawasaki gourmet, or a relaxing meal, please go to Cinecitta's entrance fire store (Pokkura) ♪♪

The picture is grilled tuna with salted tuna ✨ ✨

Limited quantity, but available today.

The first one wins, but please enjoy it.

Well then, we will continue to operate energetically today while taking measures against corona on our own! !!