Delicious food at a store near Kawasaki Station, popular as a private pub

If you are looking for a private pub in the area within walking distance from Kawasaki Station, please use the dining bar which is open from 16:00 in the evening. Many customers who have become regular customers with courteous customer service and reliable taste dishes have a proven track record and favorable feedback, so you can spend a relaxing time.
A Japanese-style store with a variety of private rooms in a large store, where you can enjoy course menus and a wide range of drinks, all-you-can-drink.

Relax at a popular private room izakaya near Kawasaki Station

The dining bar, which features subdued colors and old-style home decor, is designed to create a space with a sense of security, so that even new customers can feel free to come to the store. It is a space. In the store, which has a large number of private rooms tailored to the number of customers and the purpose of banquets, the shop owner can order an ingenious food menu and colorful liquor.
Besides drinking quietly with friends and family, it is ideal for a variety of everyday situations, such as banquets and entertainment at a charter, seasonal and birthdays with plenty of taste and volume that can be ordered from two people We also offer course menus suitable for situations such as meetings. The tavern, which has been well received by customers for its authentic cuisine and alcohol, is open all year round, so it can be used for banquets as well as for sightseeing and work nearby. If you are looking for a store, please use it.

Please enjoy the course menu at a private izakaya near Kawasaki Station

Many carefully selected dishes made by shopkeepers with reliable technology, such as skewers and hot pots using carefully selected meat, have a certain taste, and many orders from repeat customers I have you. Many of the food menus using plenty of carefully selected seafood and mountain products are not only suitable for sake, but also have a high quality taste, and as a restaurant that can also be used as a restaurant, we have received favorable feedback We are
In order to have a more enjoyable time, you can enjoy a variety of dishes with a lot of effort and ingenuity, as well as ordering them individually, as well as on the course menu. The course that can be enjoyed firmly from the beginning to the end is well received by customers who have come to the event such as banquets and birthday parties, and can be enjoyed together with all-you-can-drink. The course menu can be used by more than 2 people, so please come by all means.

A good private liquor store near Kawasaki Station for a quality drink.

A private izakaya with many repeaters near Kawasaki Station is a dining bar with an appealing liquor and food that you can enjoy in a relaxed space. A wide variety of drinks that go well with a variety of tasty dishes include not only standard drinks such as beer and highball, but also various sakes such as Japanese sake and cocktails, so you can choose the one that suits the mood of the day. You can order sake.
Drink menus such as shochu and wine can be purchased separately, and all-you-can-drink courses are also available. You can fully enjoy a variety of sake that has received a certain assortment of goods and reputation, so you can enjoy it in the form of comparing drinks and finding the one that suits your taste. A bar with a sense of security and sincere hospitality that even new customers can visit is open from 16:00. Please come by all means.

Have fun at a cozy private room izakaya near Kawasaki Station

The dining bar has a large number of private rooms that can be used in a variety of ways such as drinking with a small number of people or banquets for a large number of people. In addition to being able to spend a relaxing time in a high-class store, it also has a sense of security, so even the first customers can feel free to come to the store. We also have a private room for two people that is popular with couples, so please come and visit us if you want to enjoy your time with your friends and quietly with your loved ones.
In the restaurant, which has been well-received by word of mouth when relaxing in a spacious space, we offer delicious dishes and a wide range of drinks so that you can have a more enjoyable time. We offer high-quality services in a space that is carefully selected so that you can forget the daily fatigue and busyness.


Enjoy skewers and hot pots at a private pub near Kawasaki Station

Cooking using fresh ingredients has good compatibility with liquor

Private room izakaya, chopsticks Bar Higashi Kawasaki station Cinecitta street store, you can enjoy a variety of drinks that go well with discerning dishes using fresh ingredients. There are many customers who have become repeaters, and many of the gems that the store owner has devised ingenuity.
The interior of the shop with a sense of security is decorated in a Japanese style, so you can spend a relaxing time together with delicious food and alcohol. If you are looking for a izakaya in a nearby area, we welcome you with a sincere hospitality and a cozy space so that even beginners can use it easily.


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