Enjoy an all-you-can-drink course with a number of attractive drinks

A private izakaya that is surely popular near Kawasaki Station has an extensive drink menu that is compatible with many delicious dishes. In addition to familiar types such as beer and highball, we also have delicious liquors such as wine and cocktails.
There are also all-you-can-drink menus for many of the best drinks for a relaxing time. You can enjoy it with an attractive course menu, so please come to the dining bar where you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks and delicious dishes.



In the tavern where you can enjoy a relaxing time with an old-fashioned interior decorated with luxury and security, carefully selected seafood and mountain foods and colorful dishes so that you can forget even the daily fatigue and busyness Liquor is available. A variety of delicious dishes, including yakitori and hot pot, made by a polite and sincere owner can be enjoyed as a snack as well as a meal.
An all-you-can-drink course is also available on the drink menu that makes cooking even more attractive, so you can enjoy it even if you want to enjoy more sake. The dining bar with many private rooms offers a variety of rooms for couples and private banquets. You can also enjoy a course menu tailored to the season, so please feel free to contact us.