Have a good time at the bar with a delicious course menu

If you are looking for a tasty private pub in the area around Kawasaki Station, please come to a store with a Japanese-style interior that looks like an old private house. Many of the special dishes made by shopkeepers who are loyal and energetic are not only enjoyable as meals, but also an attractive gem with a good compatibility with abundant alcohol.
Food menus using seasonal seafood and carefully selected meats are available, as well as course menus that allow you to enjoy various tastes together, so if you are looking for a banquet or joint store Please feel free to contact us.

The dining bar, which offers authentic tasteful cuisine and a variety of liquors, has been used by many customers, and has earned a strong reputation and high track record. Stores based at Chika Station are decorated in a Japanese-style old-fashioned house style, so you can spend a relaxing time in the space of the Japanese-style room where new people can relax.
The course menu using carefully selected seafood and mountain products offers a variety of items such as birthdays and seasonal items. We have prepared a private room that suits the number of people so that it can be used in various occasions such as entertainment and farewell parties. If you are looking for a dining bar nearby, please feel free to visit us. In addition, we will guide you with reservation priority, so please contact us in advance if you want to secure a seat. We look forward to providing you with a good quality space and service.